The ResQmat is a drag mat which ResQmatcocoons the patient with high nylon sides. The Velcro straps come over the nylon sides which allow the patient to be completely enclosed. The built in padding and extra pillow under the head means that not only is the patient safe but there is more comfort for the passenger when going down stairs.


  • The ResQmat has three restraining straps which are Velcro adjusted
  • Comes in its own red storage bag with a velcro pull strip for quick release
  • The ResQmat has a tow strap at each end
  • Come with a 10cm high pillow
  • The passenger cannot move or escape from the ResQmat particularly useful if the patient has dementia and is likely to wander off.


51 x 51 x 22cm
Laid flat
228 x 48cm each side is another 41cm
Padding 225 x 48 x 3cm
Base Polypropylene flexible board
Weight 4kg
Safe load tested to 160kg
Safe working load 120kg
Upper Fabric
Yellow Nylon

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