Evacuation Chair and Equipment Training

There is little point purchasing evacuation equipment if you can’t use it. If you can’t answer yes to either of these questions

  1. Can you use it
  2. Will you use it

Then you need training.

Evacuation training seems to fall into two categories –

  • What Training is
  • What Training isn’t


  • Two Training Sessions in a day – normally morning and afternoon.
  • Each Training Session last approx two and a half hours.
  • Limited – to six people per session for evacuation chairs and eight per session for drag mats.
  • Practical – we concentrate on the practical deployment, method and use of the equipment.
  • Physical – The session will involve you learning to evacuate colleagues
  • On site – Training where the evacuation will take place and sorting out issues on the spot.
  • Certificates are issued to those who pass the course.

Is Not

  • One session and we are in a hurry to be gone
  • 45 minutes.
  • As many as want to turn up, and when they have a moment.
  • Theory – we do not sit around a table with a powerpoint presentation.
  • Non physical,  our instructor will require people to declare their physical fitness prior to beginning the course
  • Off site
  • Guaranteed pass. If you don’t make the standard you don’t pass

The movement of people down stairs in this equipment is a serious undertaking and it needs to be respected.