Ski Sled

The Ski Sled is an upgradeski sled of the Ski Pad with a reinforced mattress and three aircraft seat style metal buckles. It is used throughout hospitals, care homes and schools amongst others. It evacuates patients where the Ski Sheet and bed mattress are too wide to be used through doorways or narrow corridors The Ski Sled has internal nylon support struts to provide added support. The Ski Sled comes in its own easy to open wall hanging bag. Safe Load tested to160 kg with a manufacturers advised limit of 120kg.


  • 3 restraining straps with aircraft seat style buckles
  • Two tow straps, one at either end with extra grab loops for stairway lateral movement and correction.
  • A pocket with box pleat at one end for the feet to be placed into
  • Nylon support struts for added support in the foam mattress.
  • Comes in own storage bag
  • Reinforced mattress for protecting the patient.
  • Safe tested to 160kg
  • Manufacturer’s advised capacity of 120 kg


Packed 78 x 74 x 13cm
Laid flat
204 x 74 x 3cm
Weight 5kg
Safe load tested to 160kg
Safe working load 120kg
Top: thick blue nylon
Base: blue Vinyl

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