Evacuation Equipment

ski sheet

Ski Sheet

The Ski Sheet should be the first stop evacuation method for Hospitals and Care Homes. It provides … Read More

ski pads

Ski Pads

Ski Pads are a substitute mattress which works similar on a similar principle to the Ski Sheet. They … Read More

Ski Sled

The Ski Sled is an upgrade of the Ski Pad with a reinforced mattress and three aircraft seat style … Read More



The Albacmat is a drag mat which is used to evacuate people in an emergency from Care Homes and … Read More


The ResQmat is a drag mat which cocoons the patient with high nylon sides. The Velcro straps come … Read More

bariatric evac mat

Bariatric Evac Mat

The Bariatric Evac Mat has been specifically designed for the Bariatric Market. Safe Load tested to … Read More

Buscot Babevac

Buscot Babevac

The Buscot Babevac is a specially designed cot for the evacuation in hospitals or clinics of newborn … Read More

Evac e-pad

Evac e-pad

The Evac e-pad is a substitute mattress for emergency evacuations. It is particularly useful in the … Read More