Compact 2 Carry Chair

The Compact 2 Carry Chair is ideal for transporting compact 2 carry chairpatients. It can be used for moving people across landings, corridors or from one side of the room to another. With large lifting loops at the front of the chair the Compact 2 Carry Chair can easily be pivoted backwards and lifted for stairs and thresholds or wheeled easily along corridors to the destination.

It now benefits from sled runner style tracks which can be bought with the chair when new or can be retrospectively fitted. This strong and sturdy chair is a firm favourite of the NHS and Ambulance trusts. It has a huge 200kg capacity

  • Strong and sturdy but lightweight to carry
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easily adjustable lap and ankle restraints
  • Wheels provide stability over uneven ground or internal carpeted floors.
  • Large hand lop grips at foot end for lifting
  • Tracks now available either with the chair or for retrospectively fitting to your existing chairs


Weight 9.4kg
Height deployed
Height folded
Width 44.5cm
Depth 42cm
Depth folded 28.5
Capacity 200kg