Ego Evacuation Chair

The Ego evacuation chair is a great entry level chair and offers fantastic value for money. It has two wheels and two legs permanently deployed and sled style tracks for gliding down stairs easily, … [Read more...]

Versa Evacuation Chair

The very popular Versa Evacuation Chair has four wheels permanently deployed which provides confidence to the operator and passenger alike. No kick away back wheels to deploy Easy clean vinyl … [Read more...]

Versa Elite Evacuation Chair

The Versa Elite evacuation chair is an upgrade of the very popular Versa Evacuation Chair. It is particularly relevant to those with more serious disabilities and benefits from, a four point harness, … [Read more...]

Compact 3 Chair

The Compact 3 Chair has a tri wheel configuration which helps to reduce the amount of manual handling required for taking people up and down stairs. The chair is ideally suited for buildings with … [Read more...]

Xpert / CD7 Evacuation Chair

The Xpert / CD7 Evacuation Chair, has a low centre of gravity and is extremely safe and secure on the stairs. One of the original  evacuation chairs available the Xpert /CD7 has deep cleated … [Read more...]

Saver Evacuation Chair

Special Price available on the Saver Evacuation Chair until the end of August. Phone 01328 838233 for details Also known as the Saver Safe Evacuation Chair. The Saver Evacuation Chair is a … [Read more...]

Compact 5 evacuation chair

The Compact 5 Evacuation Chair is an upgrade for its predecessor the Ferno Compact 4  evacuation chair. It is now improved with better patient safety and comfort while also providing enhanced operator … [Read more...]

EZ Glide Evacuation Chair

The EZ Glide Evacuation Chair has a safe load capacity of 227kg. Widely used by the NHS and Ambulance Trusts with which it has been developed.  4 wheels permanently deployed Easy clean vinyl … [Read more...]

EZ Glide LBS Bariatric Evacuation Chair

The EZ Glide LBS Evacuation Chair has been more than upgraded to provide a true bariatric evacuation chair with a safe load capacity of 318kg. The EZ Glide for so long popular with the NHS has a true … [Read more...]

Mobyle Mk4 Carry Chair

The Mobyle Mk 4 Carry Chair is for ground floor evacuation and transfer purposes only. It has no sled runners to facilitate down stair evacuation. Four wheels Chest restraint and easy clip … [Read more...]