Compact 5 evacuation chair

The Compact 5 Evacuation Chair is an upgrade for its predecessor the Ferno Compact 4  evacuation chairFerno Model 5 evacuation chair. It is now improved with better patient safety and comfort while also providing enhanced operator functionality. The tracks at the rear of the chair allow a natural transfer from the landing onto the stairs easy and simple for the operator. It has four wheels which are permanently deployed and glides down stairs on the sled runner style tracks. Extending grab handles for two man operation.

  • Hinged armrests as well as a foldaway footrest
  • Chest waist and ankle biosafe straps
  • Front swivel double width castor wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Rear braked wheels, provide extra passenger security during transfer.
  • Extending lower grab handles
  • One piece easy clean vinyl seat
  • Adjustable head pad
  • 200kg safe load capacity


Weight 16.4kg
Dimensions Stored 113 x43 (h x w)
Capacity 200kg

Optional Extras

  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Fitted cover