Stairline Apex 130 Stairclimber

The Stairline Apex 130  StairclimberStairline Apex 130 picks up both the wheelchair and passenger and transports them up and downstairs. The stairclimber with its deep ridged caterpillar tracks can take a person weighing up to 130kg up and down the stairs in the maximum amount of safety. Excellent stability and reliability while still offering excellent value.

It is ideal for listed building where other forms of stairwell evacuation are not permitted

The Stairline Apex 130 is capable of a range of 300 up stairs as well as 300 down stairs at a rate of 26 down and 23 up.

  • Extremely stable wheelchair stairclimber
  • Easy to operate controls and charge level indicator
  • Battery is removable for easy charging
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

 Package includes:

  • Stair Angle Guide
  • Handbook
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger


Weight Climbing Unit: 31kg
Handle: 15kg
12v Battery: 8kg
Dimensions Stored 31 x 64 x 105cm (h x w x d)
Min. Landing size 110 x 110cm
Stair Angle 35 degrees
Capacity 130kg
Speed Down 26 stairs per minute
Up 23 stairs per minute
Range 600 stairs – 300 up, 300 down

 For a smaller tracked version – the Stairline Compact 150 – which can be manoeuvred on smaller landings click here