Stairline Apex 130 Stairclimber

The Stairline Apex 130 ¬†Stairclimber picks up both the wheelchair and passenger and transports them up and downstairs. The stairclimber with its deep ridged caterpillar tracks can take a person … [Read more...]

Stairline Apex 160 Stairclimber

An upgrade of the Stairline Apex 130 the Stairline Apex 160 offers another 30kg capacity and takes the best features of the compact and blends them into a new style heavier weight capacity Apex. … [Read more...]

Stairline Compact 150 Stairclimber

The Stairline Compact 150 part of the Stairclimber range which features two sister Apex Stairclimbers has been designed to provide greater manoeuvrability on smaller landings by having a shorter … [Read more...]

EZ Glide Powered Chair Stairclimber

The EZ Glide Powered Chair is an upgrade of the very popular EZ glide evacuation chair used throughout the NHS and ambulance services. Able to move a person across wards and landings the EZ Glide … [Read more...]

Xpert Powered Chair Stairclimber

The Xpert powered chair is the motorised version of the Xpert evacuation chair (also known as the CD7). This chair can move easily up and down stairs with minimum effort from the operator. The Xpert … [Read more...]

Stairline Major Stairclimber

The Stairline Major Stairclimber is a hydraulically operated platform stairclimber which can take any type of wheelchair electric or manual and its passenger up and down stairs with virtually no … [Read more...]