Stairline Apex 160 Stairclimber

An upgrade of the Stairline Apex 130 the Stairline Astairline apex 160pex 160 offers another 30kg capacity and takes the best features of the compact and blends them into a new style heavier weight capacity Apex.

  • Dependable tractor unit for effortless travel up and downstairs.
  • Battery level charge indicator
  • More manoeuvrable for small landings
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors

Package includes:

  • Stair Angle Guide
  • Handbook
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger


Weight Climbing Unit: 31kg
Handle: 15kg
12v Battery: 8kg
Dimensions Stored 31 x 64 x 105cm (h x w x d)
Min Landing size 110 x 110cm
Stair Angle 35 degrees
Capacity 160kg
Speed Down 26 stairs per minute
Up 26 stairs per minute
Range 600 stairs – 300 up, 300 down