Stairline Major Stairclimber

The Stairline Major Stairclimber is astairline major hydraulically operated platform stairclimber which can take any type of wheelchair electric or manual and its passenger up and down stairs with virtually no effort from the operator. It has large caterpillar tracks which make it incredibly safe and stable on stairs. With a capacity of up to 200kg the Stairline Major will cope with almost any circumstance and has a range of 600 steps (300 up and 300 down). If you have a listed building and cannot install lifts or other devices then this machine could solve your problems. The Stairline major stairclimber is equally able to cope with outside steps as it in with internal flights of stairs.

  • 24v battery pack
  • Easy loading with slide out ramps.
  • Safety ensured bu interlocked restraint system
  • Caterpillar tracks provide excellent stability
  • Passenger remains level on stairs with hydraulic lifting platform

Package includes:

  • Stair Angle Guide
  • Handbook
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger


Weight 126kg
24v Battery: 9kg
Dimensions Stored 76 x 126 x 132cm (h x w x d)
Min Landing size 110 x 110cm
Stair Angle 35 degrees
Capacity 200kg
Speed Down 26 stairs per minute
Up 23 stairs per minute
Range 600 stairs – 300 up, 300 down