Xpert Powered Chair Stairclimber

The Xpert powered chair is the motorised version of the Xpert evacuation chair (also known as the CD7). This chair can move easily up and down stairs with minimum effort from the operator. The Xpert powered chair has deep ridged caterpillar tracks which grip on each of the stair noses making it very stable and safe. Combine this with a low centre of gravity and the Xpert is as safe and reliable an option as you will find. The Xpert has a range of 600 stairs – 300 up and 300 down and a weight load capacity of 130kg. Suitable for not only registered disabled, the Xpert will take anyone with a walking difficulty, pregnant women or just some one who has been the victim of a bad tackle on a football or hockey field over the week-end.

x pert

  • Safe reliable and dependable
  • Caterpillar tracks provide great stability for the passenger.
  • Easy to use controls and a battery charge level indicator
  • Removable battery pack for ease of charging


Weight 39kg
12v Battery: 8kg
Dimensions Stored 132 x 76 x 126cm (h x w x d)
Min Landing size 95 x 95cm
Stair Angle 35 degrees
Capacity 130kg
Speed Down 26 stairs per minute
Up 23 stairs per minute
Range 600 stairs – 300 up, 300 down

Package includes:

  • Stair Angle Guide
  • Handbook
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger