The Albacmat is a drag mat Albacmatwhich is used to evacuate people in an emergency from Care Homes and Hospitals. Comes in two sizes, standard and large, the large size benefits from a larger torso size and stretcher style handles to help with lateral movement when on landings or stairs.


  • Tow strap at head end
  • Pull strap at feet end
  • Three restraining velcro fastening straps
  • Foil blanket for helping to keep the patient warm on colder days or nights
  • Comes in its own carry bag
  • Two sizes – standard and large
  • Webbing straps fastened by Velcro

Price:  Standard £179.50 excluding vat | £215.40 including vat

Large £194.50 excluding vat | £233.40 including vat


Packed in own carry bag
38 x 20 x 18cm
Laid flat
Standard: 193 x 64 x 1cm
Large: 193 x 94 x 1cm
Base Polypropylene flexible white board 176 x 30cm
 Foil Blanket 160 x 50cm
Safe load tested to 160kg
Safe working load 120kg
Upper Fabric
Red Vinyl

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