Evacuation Chairs

Ego Evacuation Chair

Ego Evacuation Chair

The Ego evacuation chair is a great entry level chair and offers fantastic value for money. It has … Read More

Versa Evacuation Chair

Versa Evacuation Chair

The very popular Versa Evacuation Chair has four wheels permanently deployed which provides … Read More

Versa Elite Evacuation Chair

Versa Elite Evacuation Chair

The Versa Elite evacuation chair is an upgrade of the very popular Versa Evacuation Chair. It is … Read More

Compact 3 Chair

Compact 3 Chair

The Compact 3 Chair has a tri wheel configuration which helps to reduce the amount of manual … Read More

Xpert / CD7 evacuation chair

Xpert / CD7 Evacuation Chair

The Xpert / CD7 Evacuation Chair, has a low centre of gravity and is extremely safe and secure on … Read More

saver evacuation chair

Saver Evacuation Chair

Special Price available on the Saver Evacuation Chair until the end of August. Phone 01328 838233 … Read More

Ferno Model 5 evacuation chair

Compact 5 evacuation chair

The Compact 5 Evacuation Chair is an upgrade for its predecessor the Ferno Compact 4  evacuation … Read More

EZ Glide evac chair

EZ Glide Evacuation Chair

The EZ Glide Evacuation Chair has a safe load capacity of 227kg. Widely used by the NHS and … Read More

EZ Glide

EZ Glide LBS Bariatric Evacuation Chair

The EZ Glide LBS Evacuation Chair has been more than upgraded to provide a true bariatric evacuation … Read More

mobyle 4 chair

Mobyle Mk4 Carry Chair

The Mobyle Mk 4 Carry Chair is for ground floor evacuation and transfer purposes only. It has no … Read More

mobyle mk 1 chair

Mobyle Mk1 Carry Chair

The Mobyle Mk 1 Carry Chair is for ground floor evacuation and transfer purposes only. It has no … Read More

compact 2 carry chair

Compact 2 Carry Chair

The Compact 2 Carry Chair is ideal for transporting patients. It can be used for moving people … Read More