Stair Climbers

Stairline Apex 130

Stairline Apex 130 Stairclimber

The Stairline Apex 130  Stairclimber picks up both the wheelchair and passenger and transports them … Read More

stairline apex 160

Stairline Apex 160 Stairclimber

An upgrade of the Stairline Apex 130 the Stairline Apex 160 offers another 30kg capacity and takes … Read More

Stairline compact 150

Stairline Compact 150 Stairclimber

The Stairline Compact 150 part of the Stairclimber range which features two sister Apex … Read More

EZ Glide powered chair

EZ Glide Powered Chair Stairclimber

The EZ Glide Powered Chair is an upgrade of the very popular EZ glide evacuation chair used … Read More

xpert powered chair

Xpert Powered Chair Stairclimber

The Xpert powered chair is the motorised version of the Xpert evacuation chair (also known as the … Read More

stairline major stairclimber

Stairline Major Stairclimber

The Stairline Major Stairclimber is a hydraulically operated platform stairclimber which can take … Read More