Ego Evacuation Chair

The Ego Evacuation Chair now comes with storage bag included in it s great new lower price. … [Read more...]

Ski Sheet

The Ski Sheet should be the first stop evacuation method for Hospitals and Care Homes. It provides an excellent method of evacuating patients from wards or bedrooms while the occupant is safely … [Read more...]

Ski Pads

Ski Pads are a substitute mattress which works similar on a similar principle to the Ski Sheet. They are used throughout hospitals, care homes and schools amongst others. It evacuates patients where … [Read more...]

Ski Sled

The Ski Sled is an upgrade of the Ski Pad with a reinforced mattress and three aircraft seat style metal buckles. It is used throughout hospitals, care homes and schools amongst others. It evacuates … [Read more...]


The Albacmat is a drag mat which is used to evacuate people in an emergency from Care Homes and Hospitals. Comes in two sizes, standard and large, the large size benefits from a larger torso size and … [Read more...]


The ResQmat is a drag mat which cocoons the patient with high nylon sides. The Velcro straps come over the nylon sides which allow the patient to be completely enclosed. The built in padding and extra … [Read more...]

Bariatric Evac Mat

The Bariatric Evac Mat has been specifically designed for the Bariatric Market. Safe Load tested to 70 stones and a maximum recommended limit of 50 stones the Bariatric Evac Mat with its cavernous … [Read more...]

Buscot Babevac

The Buscot Babevac is a specially designed cot for the evacuation in hospitals or clinics of newborn babies in case of an emergency. Depending on the size of the baby(s) the Babevac can carry two … [Read more...]

Evac e-pad

The Evac e-pad is a substitute mattress for emergency evacuations. It is particularly useful in the residential care home market or hospitals.  The Evac e-pad is designed for circumstances when the … [Read more...]

Stairline Apex 130 Stairclimber

The Stairline Apex 130  Stairclimber picks up both the wheelchair and passenger and transports them up and downstairs. The stairclimber with its deep ridged caterpillar tracks can take a person … [Read more...]