Compact 3 Chair

The Compact 3 Chair Compact 3 Chairhas a tri wheel configuration which helps to reduce the amount of manual handling required for taking people up and down stairs. The chair is ideally suited for buildings with fluctuating levels. The Compact 3 Chair should only be operated by well trained operators who will work as a team as this really is at the least a 2 person operation.

  • Adjustable to fit different stair heights.
  • Tri wheel system reduces the need to lift
  • Handles adjust to operator’s height for better control
  • Adjustable head pad
  • Safety restraint harness
  • Foldaway foot rest
  • 180kg safe load capacity


Weight 15.2kg
Height Max.
Height Min.
Width 41cm
Depth folded 36cm
Capacity 127kg
Optional Extras Wall mounting bracket, Fitted Cover