Evac e-pad

Evac E PadThe Evac e-pad is a substitute mattress for emergency evacuations. It is particularly useful in the residential care home market or hospitals.  The Evac e-pad is designed for circumstances when the mattress of the bed is too wide to go through the doorway of a room or is too wide for landings and stairwells.  When in use, the patient should be cocooned in bedding, blankets or soft clothing to provide them with added protection on their journey through the building and of course provide them with warmth should the evacuation be done on a chilly night.

The Evac e-pad comes with

  • Storage Bag
  • 2 Restraining Straps
  • Nylon quick fasten buckles
  • 37mm depth mattress
  • Pocket for the feet to be secured in
  • Tow strap at each end

Great Price at £139.50 exclusive of VAT – £167.40 inclusive of VAT

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Evac E PadEvac E Pad Nylon Buckles