EZ Glide Powered Chair Stairclimber

The EZ Glide Powered Chair is an upgrade of the very popular EZ glide evacuation chair used throughout the NHS and ambulance services. Able to move a person across wards and landings the EZ Glide powered chair will then move effortlessly up and down stairs with practically no manual handling effort required from the operator. The operator has available to them a transit chair which transform into a stairclimber able to move patients up to 227kg or 35stone. The power unit can be retrospectively fitted to existing chairs.

Should the unexpected happen and the lithium-ion battery run out of power, then the chair can be switched back to a standard EZ glide and run easily down the stairs not leaving the patient precariously stranded.

  • Easy to use controls
  • The EZ Glide can be used as a transit chair which takes stairs in one easy step by step.
  • High load capacity of 227kg
  • Excellent patient safety with an automatic braking system
  • Can be used conventionally to take patient down to next level if battery fails


Capacity 227kg
Range 350 stairs